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The Stark Affiliate Program

Earn STRK and ETH by promoting stark domains.

What is the stark affiliate program ?

Our affiliate program pays you for sending your customers to our website. As an Affiliate you'll be able to promote domains and get a commission on each domain sales made with your affiliate link. Earn at least 30% of commission on every sales  made with your affiliate link !


Permissionless and Trustless

The particularity of our program is that it is completely trustless and permissionless, everyone can participate by just owning a stark domain and all the logic takes place on-chain so you don't have to trust any centralized entity.


Track and Grow your performances

As an affiliate you'll get access to ready to use designs, news in advance, a special analytics dashboard and a dedicated affiliate manager to optimize your campaigns as much as possible.


Get paid in Crypto (ETH & STRK)

We share revenue fairly. Every eligible sale made earns you at least 30% commissions. And this is just the start because you could go bigger if you are a top performer.

Integrated in

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And +20 other Starknet Apps

Profit from starknet growth

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Validity rollups and Starknet are growing exponentially, make sure to profit from that growth by promoting one the most popular brand of Starknet that we'll convert for you.